Are Tippmann Paintball Guns easy to maintain? [98, A5, Crossover, Gryphon, TiPX, X7, Phenom, Alpha Black, Carver One, Project Salvo]

Paintball guns are basically pneumatic tools. Keeping them clean and lubricated are the most important things. Replacing the internals seals at least 1 time per year (2-3 times if you are a more frequent player), will keep you playing and having fun, with less breakdowns in the field. Preventative maintenance will let you stay in the game longer, with a better rate of fire, than any one who hasn't done some basic procedures. Hope they are on the other team, and not covering you.

Tear down time depends a lot on the design of the gun. It is an important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a gun or an upgrade.

Cleaning time depends on how dirty it is. The longer the time in between maintenance, the longer the time it will take.

Look at the replacement parts section and the diagrams of your gun to see what orings and seals you may need. We have many kits that include complete oring and seal replacements.

Refer to the manual for your specific gun for procedures and helpful hints for disassembly and cleaning. It may also list any tools that could be required.

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