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Based on 38 reviews

Works great 👍

Air fitting

Just wanted I need works great 👍

Air tube

This works with tippmann alpha black and the 98 guns

Oh, Ringer!

Exactly what I needed for my Ninja tank!


Good quality BB's. The .28g flew nice and straight with my Tippmann Omega

Apex 2

It took me a second to adjust the settings to my liking but I'm satisfied overall. I don't always use it for curving shots laterally but more for adding backspin and getting a little more distance. It also added a little more character to my TMC.

Everything perfect!

Fits what I was looking for

Breathes well with comfortable ears. Much easier to change lenses over the Proflex. Good fit for bigger headed people.

Not for small tanks.

Bought this to set up a fill station for CO2 tanks from Avanti Medalist airguns that use a 70g bottle.

The resolution is too low for such small weights. The best I can do is 0.06kg to protect the burst disk. I guess I couldn't find the resolution on the product description.

Other than the wrong tool for my use, it is a well made scale. American Weigh markets reliable scales at reasonable prices.

I paid full price for mine from Tippman. Now I see they are on sale for $7 less! Ah, well.

Perfect site for parts and manuals, for those hard to find parts

Quick to ship if in stock

Not compatible with barrel shroud

I called in to get expert advice on Stormer Elite marker upgrades, and was told to purchase the Sniper barrel. The barrel looks great, but does not fit inside of the original barrel shroud that comes with the Tippman Stormer Elite.

Bolt lok cover nut

Works fine ,

Mag release button

Great fits good and doesn’t look fake

Best rental gun I know of.

The current version of these (Lite) work flawlessly. We use clear 200 round hoppers so we can see the paint and Tippmann 48ci bottles that fire up to 500 paintballs per charge. We are able to do cleaning at the park since these do not require tools to take apart.

TMC Elite

These are a lot of fun. Playing without a hopper and large tank is an entirely different feel. The stock barrel is quite accurate. My one drawback is the gauge on some 13ci tanks interfere with the buttstock.

The only goggles we will use for rentals

We have tried many goggles for rental use. The Premise is the best option. It is easy to clean, does not break, and it is easy to replace parts when they wear out.

Great Rental Marker

We use both the FT-12 (68 cal) and the FT-50 (.50 cal) markers as rentals. We add the clear GXG 200 round hoppers so we can see our players paintballs, an Exalt barrel sleeve (the guns also come with a cloth one that works fine). We power it with a Tippmann 48ci bottle. The only reason for the yellow bottle cover is so we can identify rentals from a distant easier. I find these guns to be very reliable. We wish the .50 cal was lighter than it is, but it still works fine for all ages. The current production runs have been trouble free for us; (We use these 2-3 time per week).

Doesn’t fit Model 98

So I have a M98 that I purchased in the beginning of 1999. Getting some parts for it has become tricky. This rear bolt/hammer is not the same as the one that came with my M98. The inner plug hole in this is too small for my hammer/bolt plug so now I am back to having a paperweight.

Sorry this wasn't working. This updated rear bolt has an updated rear bolt plug. We updated the description with a link to the compatable plug.
Older versions of the 98 will need the new plug in addition to this new rear bolt.


I've been happy with the Mini and the Dye Rotor combo. Shoots fast!


This was a great addition to my Empire Mini. Dye makes good hoppers.

Wrong Part

Ordered this and I would classify this as false advertising. All photos clearly show a metal part. What I received was a black plastic part. I only ordered this here because I wanted a metal part not a plastic part.

Hi Devin,
Thanks for your feedback. The Tippmann 98's have always had a plastic elbow but I do see how you could look at that picture and think, metal. I updated the product description so that it's extra clear that these are the OEM plastic replacement elbows from Tippmann. During this process I also went to take some new pictures and noticed that they have also changed the plastic. It used to be a matte finish and more of a dark grey than black. The newer elbows are deep black glossy plastic which should be what you received. So yes, you did get a part that had a different finish from the images you saw. Hopefully our new description and images make it more clear moving forward. Thanks again for your input.
General Manager

Remote line adapter

Works great with a remote line and tank pouch/belt. It took me a second to realize that an empty 12 gram needs to be in place when using the remote line HPA set up.

Ninja Superlite SL2 4500CF HPA Tank
Ninja Tanks

Ninja Paintball makes the lightest tanks in the game. This was a huge difference from my standard aluminum 48ci tank. More shots per tank and lighter.