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Tippmann Parts
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Lawrence, KS 66046
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TippmannParts.com specializes in all gear for Tippmann Paintball Guns. We know paintball inside and out since 1989.

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Our Story

Tippmann Parts opened in 2003, specializing in accurate replacement parts lists for Tippmann paintball markers and carrying a comprehensive inventory of every item and accessory that will work with a Tippmann marker.
We started with a paintball fields in 1988; Drop Zone Paintball. From there, we expanded to several retail stores and a mail order parts partner with Brass Eagle, what was once the larges paintball brand in the US. Later, we partnered with Smart Parts, JT Paintball, and Tippmann Paintball in providing replacement part support for their paintball brands. Tippmann Parts is now our main paintball parts solutions with added support for JT, Brass Eagle, Empire, and a few other brands, all in one place.
Today, Tippmann Parts is a thriving business; supporting the product lines of Tippmann Paintball with detailed parts lists and diagrams, comprehensive product reviews of accessories, and a dedicated staff that writes technical advice and helps paintball players make the most of their Tippmann Markers.
Tippmann Parts is THE source for everything Tippmann. No other company carries the comprehensive inventory of paintball gear designed to work with Tippmann Markers.