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Let us do the work for you!
How it works: Purchase one of these service package.
The price includes basic orings and all of our time to fix and clean your paintball marker.

Return shipping will be extra, as well as any additional parts needed to fix your gun.
We won't charge for anything else without your permission.
Things that might be more:
If your gun leaks, it is probably the main valve. This adds about $30 to the cost.
If you have a part that is broken or missing this will also add to the cost.

It takes us about one week in shop for our Techs to complete your repair.
Note: If a part is discontinued on the website, we also won't have this part for our services.

Basic Service covers all current Tippmann paintball markers
Advanced Service is for any gun with electronics.

If you have questions, please call us before sending your gun in. We may be able to tell you what parts you need to fix it yourself.

See here for information on any potential cocking or cycling issues

See here for information on Egrip Trigger Board Problems

Our shipping address is:
Tippmann Parts
811 East 23rd St Suite D
Lawrence, KS 66046

2 products
Basic Paintball Service/Repair
Advanced Paintball Service/Repair