The Paintball Graveyard

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Welcome to the Paintball Graveyard, a collection of discontinued paintball products that are no longer available. This serves as both a reference for hard-to-find items and a source of suggestions for alternatives.

What You'll Find Here:

  • Discontinued paintball products that are no longer in stock.
  • Information on available alternatives.
  • Some historical context about the discontinued products.

What's Not Included:

Discontinued replacement parts (These are retained in the parts collections).

Possibility of Resurrection:

Rarely, discontinued paintball products may make a comeback. Manufacturers might revive old products, as exemplified by the re-release of the JT Revolution hopper after being unavailable for a decade. Replacement paintball parts may also resurface through new suppliers or unexpected discoveries of forgotten stock.

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Searching for Discontinued Items:

Unfortunately, we cannot perform specific searches for discontinued parts or items. If we have information about them, we will list it. In your quest for a discontinued part, consider exploring platforms like eBay, Craigslist, or garage sales, where used items may surface. Also, be open to considering alternative products. We will provide substitutions when available and highlight current equivalents of the discontinued items.

Feel free to browse and explore the Paintball Graveyard for insights and alternatives to enrich your paintball experience!

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