Empire EVS Goggle System Buying Guide

Introduction to the EVS

  • Empire created the EVS goggle system with one goal in mind: create the worlds most advanced paintball goggle. They used the input of their sponsored professional players to help them develop the EVS mask. Their main focal points were protection, breathability, appearance, and having the most advanced lens system in the industry. We at TippmannParts.com think they absolutely crushed their goals with this mask. As soon as we opened up the boxes from our EVS shipment our staff was intrigued by the goggle system. Upon putting it on for the first time the consensus was that the EVS was a lightweight mask with superior breathability, comfort, aesthetics, and most of all one of if not the widest lenses we had ever seen. With nine different colorways at their initial release the EVS is sure to please any type of player. If you want one of the best paintball goggles money can buy, look no further than the Empire EVS.

Protection - Full sized and extremely protective.

  • The Empire EVS is ASTM approved and provides excellent all around protection for paintball players. This goggle system is as safe as they get. It secures to the player using an adjustable goggle strap that has silicone on the inside of the strap creating a secure non slip grip.
  • A worrying trend for some in high end paintball goggles was how small they were getting. Some goggle systems were not even long enough to protect every players jaw line. The EVS is proud to sport a longer lower skirt that is protective of most players jaw line. This lower skirt not only protects the player but also could give you an advantage over your competition. It is made of co-injection molded plastics that are flexible (similar to the e-flex and pro-flex) and can actually bounce paintballs that would break on other masks and keep you in the game longer.

Lens - A stunning 270-degree field of vision. Easy to clean and replace.

  • When comparing goggle systems many people think that any thermal lens is just as good as any other thermal lens. The EVS has made that statement completely false. Empire took their time and developed the most advanced lens in paintball. It is a distortion free spherical lens that excels in letting you see exactly what is going on all around you. When we say all around you we really mean it, the EVS has an incredible FOV (field of vision) of 270-degrees that lets you see not only what is in front of you but also to the sides of you. Finally a paintball goggle system that allows you to utilize your peripheral vision. The vision is so good it seems as though you are wearing no mask at all. The lenses are of course thermal which means you will not need to worry about the EVS fogging up on you. The lenses are built to last and are scratch resistant and anti-reflective. The EVS lens will block 100% of harmful UVA & UVB radiation.
  • The EVS also features on of the most intuitive lens retention systems. Inside the EVS on either side of the lens is the retaining system, they are two red bars. To remove the lens from the Empire EVS you simply lift each of these red bars while rotating the bars (no tools required). This will unlock the lens. The only other additional step is to rotate the soft ears up and then push the lens out. Having such easy access to your lens means cleaning them can be done in between games in under a minute. Additionally if you have multiple lenses you can change them out in a flash.

Comfort - Face Foam & Ears.

  • The Empire EVS excels in comfort. As soon as you put the mask on for the first time you will notice the comfort of the foam & ears. This is due to the EVS featuring triple density face foam. However comfort isn't the only feature of this advanced foam system. It also is an absolute beast at wicking away sweat and other moisture keeping you cool even on the hottest days of the year.
  • The EVS features ear pieces that are removable and replaceable. These thermo formed ear pieces are thin yet strong foam that fits securely around your ears & provides excellent protection to your ears. They are not overdone and still leave the user with the ability to hear everything around themselves, from teammates to enemies it is always important to stay alert on the field and the EVS helps you to do so.

Breathability - Industry leading venting.

  • One look at the lower skirt of the Empire EVS and you can see the attention to detail Empire used in ensuring the EVS was one of the easiest masks to breath in. Right in front of where your mouth would be you can see twenty-three triangular holes meant to provide immediate escape for your exhales, and enough airflow for your inhales. Additionally on the entire length of each of the side skirts are hundreds of tiny holes & four larger rectangular slots meant to aid in breathability and venting. If you have ever experienced trouble breathing while playing paintball you know exactly how taxing it is on your body and how it affects how much fun you have. This will never be a problem with the Empire EVS.

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