Engler Tippmann Phenom MG 42 Paintball Machinegun

This Engler MG42 build is no longer available.  -Staff - Sorry! 2/23/2024

Hello, welcome to TippmannParts.com, and today we're diving into the Engler x7 Phenom Tippmann MG42 custom-built paintball machine gun. The MG42, famous for being the Germans' light machine gun during World War II, has been reproduced for paintball use, incorporating authentic firearm parts dating back to that era.

When you receive one of these, the first thing that'll strike you is the scent of real firearms oil. These components have been immersed in oil for a considerable period, providing a unique olfactory experience for a paintball gun.

Moving on to the details, the gun boasts a J&J ceramic barrel and authentic machine gun parts. The front sight is adjustable, replicating the features of the actual MG42. The rear sight offers versatility, akin to what you'd find on the original machine gun.

The x7 Phenom pistol provides a full auto firing experience, equipped with a custom selector switch neatly integrated into the frame. At the back, the wooden buttstock, though showing signs of age, adds to the gun's authenticity, complete with serial numbers harking back to its historical roots.

Turning our attention to the top, there's a designated spot for the cyclone feed, and it comes with a stock feed. Consider upgrading to a gel side loader for the paint capacity a machine gun demands.

Flipping the gun, you can observe more workings on the x7 Phenom's side, highlighting its robust build and functionality. This full-size machine gun is a heavyweight, perfect for scenario play, immersing you in the role of a German MG42 operator.

Included in the package is a real bipod, neatly sealed for shipment. The gun also comes with all the necessary accessory packs for the x7 Phenom, backed by a two-year warranty through Tippmann.

If you're intrigued by this gun or have questions about any other Engler models, feel free to reach out.


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