How to fix paintball remote line leaks.

Q: ASA Leak:

Q: Quick Disconnect Leak: After I hook up my remote, when I start to turn the air on, a huge leak gushes out from where the hose connects to the gun.

A: What's happened if you've lost the quick disconnect oring. The line of the remote commonly connects to the gun to hose adapter using a quick disconnect or a quick disconnect and slide check. Both of these use a Female Quick Disconnect on the line that seals against the Male Quick Disconnect on the Gun to Hose Adapter. The seal in between these to parts is the Quick Disconnect Oring. Although it occasionally wears out and leaks or falls out, it most commonly gets shot out with a bang when you try to disconnect your remote line with the hose still pressurized. You'll know if you did that from the loud noise and whoosh of air as the line empties. That whoosh probably took the Quick Disconnect Oring with it. Easy fix. Just get a replacement and poke it down in to the Female Quick Disconnect. There is an internal groove that it rests in.

Q: Slide Check Leak: I've got a slide check remote and my slide check leaks or gushes air.

A: A slide check consists of a metal sleeve that is pushed back and forth over a metal cyclinder. The cyclinder has holes in it and the sleeve has a couple of orings inside it. My moving the orings in the sleeve over the holes in the cylinder you are effectively blocking or opening air flow routes. So if you have a leak around your slide check at any time (worn or torn oring needs replaced) or you've got a gushing leak (oring got torn and shot out somehow) then you'll just want to replace the slide check orings. Conveniently these are the same size as your tank orings. So if you've got a few extra of those around you're set. Remove the clip or clips that keep the slide check sleeve from sliding completly off the cylinder. Replace the 2 internal orings with new ones. Put a drop of oil on each and reassemble. Always replace both orings at the same time. You've already got the piece apart so you might as well do a little preventative maintenance. To make your slide check last longer, put a single drop of oil at the front and back of the sleeve then move the sleeve front to back on the cylinder to work the oil in. Do that before each time you play and the orings will last a long time. Also when you're degassing the gun or gassing up the gun with a pressurized remote line the orings are under pressure and are more likely to tear. Make sure to always pull (or push) the sleeve and TWIST it a bit at the same time. This will make it easier to pull or push and help prevent the orings from snagging on the holes in the cyclinder.   

Q: Fill Adapter Leak: My remote kits leaks out of the knob on my remote on/off.

A: This is rare, but the fill adapters with their on/off knob can go bad.  The UFA has a seal in it that lets

Q: Tank Leak: My remote kit is leaking right wear my tank connects.

A: Your tank screws in to the Universal Fill Adapter and the seal here is on the tank.  It's your tank oring and is the most common oring that needs to be replaced.  A gushing leak (oring missing) or just a small one (tear, dirt, or nick) can be fixed with a cheap replacement of your bottle / tank oring.  If your Universal Fill Adapter has a bleed hole in the side then a bad tank oring might cause a leak out this bleed hole.  When you screw your tank in to one of these UFA's the tank oring moves past the bleed hole before the tank valve pin engages.  If that oring leaks then air seeps backwards towards the tank and the bleed hole escaping there.  So even though the leak comes from the UFA, it's caused by a bad tank oring.

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