Identifying the Version of Your Tippmann 98

Determining the specific model of your Tippmann 98 can be a common query among paintball enthusiasts. The 98 series, however, lacks a consistent naming convention, and certain design modifications occurred as running changes without corresponding alterations to the marker's name.

To assist in clarifying the different versions, consider the following breakdown:

  1. Model 98: This marks the original iteration, with production commencing in 1998. Notably, this version did not incorporate all available upgrades. It utilized standard 1/8-inch NPT hoses and necessitated the replacement of the power tube for RT triggers and Cyclone feeds.

  2. 98 Custom: Representing the second version, numerous improvements were made to enhance reliability. Various sub-versions exist, including the 98 Custom Pro, featuring an extended barrel and drop-forward bottle mount. RT (reactive trigger) and E-grip variants were also offered, with these upgrades pre-installed.

  3. 98 Custom ACT: This iteration incorporates the anti-chop bolt system. While other 98 Custom models could accommodate the ACT upgrade as an add-on, this feature became unnecessary when equipped with a Cyclone feed.

  4. 98 Custom Platinum: Serving as the current version available for several years, distinct features characterize this iteration. Notably, the receiver disassembles into three parts instead of two, and it includes a plastic rail for sight mounting. Additionally, it features a push-style sear instead of a pull-style sear, with push springs less prone to breakage than their older counterparts. Moreover, this marker boasts a newer valve utilizing a custom hose attachment, eliminating the need for thread tape. It's worth mentioning that while the Platinum version represents the latest model, an "ultra-basic" version also exists, lacking the inclusion of ACT.

By understanding these distinctions, you can accurately identify the version of your Tippmann 98, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with desired upgrades and replacement parts.

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