Parts of a paintball remote line

  • Gun to Hose Adapter: Also called a remote plug. Varies slightly based on the type of Disconnect being used but all of these will have male ASA threads just like your tank so the adapter can screw on to your gun in the same place your tank does.
  • Disconnect: Can be a quick disconnect, quick disconnect with slide check, or some variation of a pro connect
  • Remote Line Options: Stainless steel braided hose (also called a straight line) or a remote coil. The remote hose moves the air from your tank to your gun.
  • Universal Fill Adapter: Now that your tank is off your gun, it will screw in to this piece. This UFA has female ASA threads just like your gun does where the tank screwed in. Most all of these will have some sort of on/off knob that screws down to depress the pin valve on your tank to let air flow through the hose to your gun.

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