Remote line accessories and upgrades.

Paintball Remote Covers: Remote covers come in various colors and brands.  Just choose one you like!  They can keep your your black shiny remote camouflaged and prevent the coils from snagging.

Fill Whip: The Ninja Fill Whip is a handy little gadget. Lets assume you've got your HPA tank in your harness on your back. The remote line connects to the top of the tank and then goes to your gun. To fill your tank in between games you have to degas, set down your gun, take off your pack, unstrap your tank, pull the tank out and hook up to the fill station for you fill and then re-strap in your tank, put your pack back on, pick up your gun, gas up, and go. !!! OR !!! Connect your Fill Whip to your fill nipple and leave the hose tucked in side your pack or vest or jacket. Need a fill? Just pull the other end of the fill whip out and connect to the fill station. Consider it a 'hot' fill. You don't have to do anything! Just connect to the fill station, fill, disconnect and go.

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