US Army Bottom Line Hose and ASA Change

Jan 23, 2024

January 19th, 2015: A few months ago Tippmann moved production of all the US Army branded markers from China to their Fort Wayne, IN facility.  Along with this move came a running change in the bottom line setup that is coming on the Alpha Black Elite markers. This running change affects both the Alpha Black Elite and Project Salvo Marker lines.

Original Bottom Line - for guns manufactured up through about October of 2014.

The original version used a straight thread braided hose # 98-09N and an ASA Bottom Line Adapter # 98-06.

New Bottom Line - for guns manufactured after about October of 2014.

The new bottom line setup uses a flared fitting braided hose # TA06111 and the # TA02061 ASA Gas Line Tank Adapter which is also used on the 98 Custom Platinums.  The new ASA and hose are NOT backwards compatible with the old ASA and hose.  If you have the older style bottom line, you can not upgrade just the ASA or just the braided hose.  You can upgrade both at the same time or just buy the older style part if you need to replace something.

Both ASA's 98-09N and 98-06 use 2 tank adapter bolts (a long and a short) to attach them to the marker.  We have these in factory or stainless steel versions.

  • PL-01A Short Tank Adapter Bolt
  • PL-01A SS Short Tank Adapter Bolt - Stainless Steel
  • 98-06A Long Tank Adapter Bolt
  • 98-06A SS Long Tank Adapter Bolt - Stainless Steel

Q: I need to replace my braided hose or bottom line (ASA) adapter on my Alpha Black Elite or Project Salvo but I'm not sure if I have the old or new version.  How do I tell the difference?

A: The front of the older 98-06 (where the braided hose screws in) tapers down to where the threaded hose port is.  The front of the newer TA02061 adapter flares out around the port so there is considerably more structural support at that point.  You'll also notice on the new adapter that the braided hose port is slightly offset from center.  This has to do with how the mounting holes are milled to mount to the bottom of the gun.

Additional Note - January 19th, 2015: As of this moment the Alpha Blacks Elites and Project Salvos are shipping with the new bottom line hose and adapter but the diagram and parts list included with the gun show the older setup.

Additional Note - January 19th, 2015: The # TA06111 Flared Fitting Braided Hose for US Army Guns is a new item to our site and it should be uploading shortly.

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