Video: Tippmann 48ci HPA Tank - Review and Demonstration

Video Transcript: Tippmann 48ci HPA Tank Review and Demonstration


Yo. What's up man? This is Stitch. This is Matt. He's going to be running the Tippmann tank that I got from, and he's going to use it on his X7, and let's let it rip and see what we get. He's just testing it out on this one. Good. We're going to send Matt out on the field and see how he likes the tank.


What's up, everybody, and welcome to My name is Stitch and, on this video, I'm going to be talking about the Tippmann 48 cubic inch 3,000 psi tank that they have available. Alright. It's an aluminum tank and highly recommended for beginners or anybody who is already into the paintball industry. It's definitely a good tank to have. It's one of the most common tanks out on the market. So, let me explain real quick a couple of the good features that the tank has with it. Alright. You have a gauge that lets you know exactly how much pressure you have in the tank, which is a high-pressure tank system. It does not hold CO2, so don't fill it with CO2. It's high-pressure air only or HPA. It has a quick connect fitting for refills. So, this is actually where you'll go to get recharged when you're at the field. It comes with the cover for the threading, which is a standard ASA threading and will fit the majority of the markers out in the industry, and will absolutely fit every Tippmann marker out there. Okay? So, it comes with an O-ring at the end of it and it is capable of pushing out 800 psi to your marker continuously, so that way you get a good stream of firing.


So, I have here a Tippmann A5, one of my daughter's markers. I'm just going to show you real quick how to install it into the ASA, which is usually standard on any marker. Clockwise will get it onto the marker for you. So, now, it's aired up. So, basically, if you're running on the field, this is how you'll be set up with the tank attached to your marker, okay, unless you have another source of holding it which will be explained later on in other videos. The refill will be right here, so you no longer have to disconnect the tank as you would on a C02 tank. So, you just simply fill up right here real quick and then, as you're playing, if you keep an eye on the gauge on your tank, it'll let you know how much air you have left inside the tank and you could determine on if you have another game in the tank or not or two. Alright? Depending what marker you're also running with the tank will depend on how fast the tank will empty out. So, Tippmann A5, it'll probably run out a little bit faster opposed to a Tippmann Phenom X7. Alright? So, like I said, each marker will be different. All you have to do is keep an eye on the gauge as you play.


So, now to remove the tank, it'll be counterclockwise. And, then, you're going to get a burst of air as you're removing it. Always make sure when you're on the field and you're going to play to make sure that the tank is secure on your marker. You don't have to go crazy and tighten it, you know, so tight. It just needs to be secure and you just make sure that you need a little force, slight force, to remove it. So, that way, you know it's on there snug. Okay?

On field testing:

So, real quick, I was able to get some footage, and I was able to go to my local field and let a friend of mine, Matt, run on the field with the Tippmann tank. And I asked him how it was and everything, and he was test firing it at the target range, so I'm going to run that footage real quick. So, check it out.

Stitch: Alright. So, I'm at High Velocity with Matt. He's been running the Tippmann tank all day. So, what do you think about it otherwise?

Matt: I haven't had any problems. I think it actually was pretty consistent.

Stitch: Do you like how to fill it up and everything was fine, right?

Matt: Yeah. I love the feel of it. I like the weight. It makes it really feel like a realistic gun. I love it.

Stitch: Awesome. Awesome. Matt: Yep. Thank you for running with it all day.

Matt: Oh, of course, no problem.

Stitch: So, now, Matt's going to just tear it up, and just shoot consistently, and I'm going to try to videotape him as much as I can. Rip it.

Matt: Okay. I need practice.

Stitch: Don't worry. I can't see what you're shooting at.

Matt: I'm going to put another pod in. That's it.

Stitch: I think so. Sweet.

Matt: I know.

Stitch: Alright. So, let me see where we're at. Okay. So, what was that? Two pods?

Matt: A hopper and one pod.

Stitch: A hopper and one pod, and he's at.

Matt: No, definitely not.

Stitch: Sweet. Alright. I'm Stitch with Outcast Paintball Systems and Matt, chilling out HVP. See you guys later.

Matt: Later.

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