Tippmann 98 Gun Type Glossary


RT: Stands for Response Trigger.  RT versions came with Tippmann's responsive trigger, sometimes called an auto trigger, preinstalled.  The RT kit can also be added on to a 98 later.

E-Grip (E or Electronic Grip): This indicates the gun came with an electronic grip frame.  If your gun uses batteries in the grip (not talking about the loader/hopper here), then you have an electronic grip frame (e-grip) gun.

Basic: Implies that this gun has neither a RT kit or an E-Grip installed.  It is a mechanical trigger and sear assembly.

Pro: The Pro designation indicates that the gun originally came with a double finger trigger, a drop forward, and an upgraded barrel.  There were 'Pro' versions made of most Tippmann 98's.

ACT: Stands for Anti Chop Technology.  Tippmann introduced anti chop technology as a mechnical feature that reduces the amount of chopped balls you get resulting from feed issues.  Simply, if a ball has not completely fallen in to the firing chamber when you take a shot, then the bolt will retract on a spring.  Instead of forcing itself forward and chopping the ball in the feed neck, the ball is simply pinched a bit while the firing process completes.  When the hammer returns to the standard cocked position the ball can then fall the rest of the way in to the gun.  The easiest way to tell if your gun is ACT equipped is to look in the opening on the left side where the cocking handle is.  The main spring is centered in this hole and extends from the back of the gun in to the rear bolt/hammer and cocking handle.  Now move your head down so you can look in to the gun ABOVE that main spring.  If you see another spring then that is the ACT system and your gun has ACT.  It will be easily visible.  If you look and don't clearly see that second spring, then you don't have ACT.

Ultra Basic (UB): This term specifically applies to guns WITHOUT the ACT feature.  While 'basic' implies a standard single, mechanical trigger, the ultra basic would be a ACT capable gun (you can upgrade to it later) but without the ACT components installed which lowers the price.  These guns typically did not come with a hopper included in the package either. = Mechanical with Single Trigger - No Hopper

Platinum (PS or Platinum Series): The latest iteration of the Tippmann 98 is the Platinum version.  The body has been redesigned in this model.  These most easily identifying mark will be the new integrated weaver / picatinny rail along the top of the gun.  The left receiver also has a break in it so you can access the rear internals without having to to completely disassemble the marker from tip to tail.