Cyclone Feed Troubleshooting [98, A5, X7, Phenom, Alpha Black, Project Salvo]

Cyclone troubles?  Try these helpful tips

  1. Always keep the cyclone clean. Broken paint and shell will get on the Feeder Housing, Sprocket Paddles, Feeder Axle, Ratchet, and other internal parts. Dragging and binding can occur. Clean the Feeder Housing, Sprocket Paddles, Feeder Axle, Ratchet, and other internal parts. Oil or grease the Feeder Axle, Ratchet, and other internal parts for smooth operation.
  2. Check the tightness of the Bottom Plate Screws. Too loose and the internal parts can flex. Too tight and the Bottom Plate can apply excess tension on them, and the drag will slow or stop the cyclone from spinning. Tighten the Bottom Plate Screws until just past contacting the Bottom Plate and Feeder Housing.
  3. Replace the air hoses. Hoses stretch and wear and can allow excess expansion of the air and leaks at the Banjo Fitting nipple connections.
  4. Check the Banjo Fittings. If the Banjo Fitting nipple is broken or the thread on the bolt or body connection won't screw together tight, replace. Banjo Fittings are only available as an assembly.
  5. Replace the Orings and Seals. The Large Oring and the Small Oring that go on the Banjo Fittings are very small. They are easily lost or ripped. Check the Piston U-Cup Seal and Cylinder Reset oring for nicks, cuts, or flat spots. Air leakage here will not allow the full air pressure to be applied to the Cylinder Piston. When reinstalling, clean and apply oil or grease.
  6. Replace the Ratchet. If you see any cracks or stress marks, replace. The Ratchet has gone through a couple of material (color) changes, and they were all for durability upgrades. (The newest version of the Ratchet is always available on the website, although the picture may vary.)
  7. The Ratchet Spring. This piece looks like half of a bent paper clip. It flexes each time the cyclone cycles. The tension and locking action it provides on the Feeder Axle is important to the cycling action. Check for proper placement or a bent Ratchet Spring.

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