E-Grip Trigger Board Problem [98, A5, Crossover, X7, Phenom, Alpha Black, Carver One, Project Salvo]

If you have a problem with an E-Grip Trigger, these steps may help to solve your issue:
  1. Before doing and trouble shooting of any kind, make sure your marker is degassed and follow your manual for disassembly instructions.
  2. Check the manual. Most manuals have common troubleshooting tips in the programming section.
  3. Check and replace the battery. Even if its a new battery, even if its from a new pack. Sometimes there are bad ones, sometimes it can be the whole pack. The boards for paintball gun are running more than just LED lights, so the require a good strong voltage. Use a good name brand. Cheap $1 batteries will not have the necessary output to operate the electronics.
  4. Check the wiring.  Check the wiring and the connections for the board, battery, and any other components with wires.  Be careful when installing grips onto bodies, grip covers, and batteries.  Be aware of any wiring, and if there is a certain place or clip the wiring should run through to route it appropriately.  Its very common for the small wiring to get strained or cut if it is not.
  5. Check the board settings.  Custom settings can sometimes be lost when a battery is fully drained.  Modes can get changed.  You can do a factory reset of the board.  Check your manual, but for most version, the factory reset follows:
    1. With the E-Trigger turned off, press and hold the power button for 10 full seconds as the LED turns on solid orange and at 10 seconds it turns solid red or the LED will flash red/orange/green twice. At this point, you release the power button and the LED will turn off and the board will be reset to the factory default settings.
  6. Check any possible mechanical issues that would effect the trigger. This includes trigger and parts, sear, safety, springs, and magnets. E-grips provide a higher rate of fire, and that requires more cycles. Parts won't wear faster, but you are shooting more! Check out the Cocking / Cycling Issues Tech Help
  7. Check that the trigger is contacting the electronic micro switch or passing the activation magnet sensors.  For both, you should get an LED light indication when it is activated.  For switch type boards, you should get an audible click sound when the trigger activates.  If not, check the contact between the trigger and the switch.  Check the switch and, if available, the trigger activation adjustment screw are making contact during the pull. The screw or leaf spring on the switch may need to be adjusted. For magnetic activation type boards, you won't have the click, but you should get and LED flash when the board reads the trigger movement.  Check the activation adjustments, magnet orientation and board sensor placement. All can be adjusted for proximity.  Be careful you do not over adjust and cause damage to any of the components. 
  8. If a problem still exists, it may be a board or board component that is malfunctioning.  Those parts are not available separately, and you may need to replace the board. (Check out upgrade options too!)
Have you recently installed or done maintenance on your marker?  Check the E-grip assembly.
  1. Check that the trigger slide, slide pin, and slide spring are removed.  These parts are not needed for the e-grip to function, and the e-grip sear will not reset with them installed.
  2. Check the tape that holds the pin in the solenoid is removed.  This tape is installed at the fatory to hold the parts together during shipping. It needs to be removed so the solenoid can fully open.
  3. Check the magnet is installed correctly. There is a separate slot for it below / behind the solenoid.  It should not be in the solenoid area.
  4. Check the correct sear is installed.  The e-grip sear rotates directly on the sear pin, and does NOT have an elongated hole.
  5. Check the correct sear spring is installed.  The e-grip version is lighter than the stock sear spring.
  6. Verify you have the correct armature pin and it is not worn. 98 = 3 inches, A5 (pre2011) = 2 15/16 inches, US Army = 3.772 inches.

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