Paintball Slings Video: Paintball Slings - The difference between 1, 2, and 3 point slings.

Video Transcript: Paintball Slings - The difference between 1, 2, and 3 point slings.

Single Point Slings

The single point tactical sling attaches to one point on your marker or gun. Usually, this is just behind the rear grip, either on the left or right side. Single point tactical slings allow for a tactical front carry with ease of movement for both left and right-hand shooting. The sling is carried over the shoulder and under the arm on the opposite side. This sling is adjustable for length.

2-Point Slings

Two-point slings are the classic rifle slings that have existed for a few hundred years. This Tippmann sling is adjustable for length and includes a few different attachment methods. Each end of the sling has a clip which can attach to a ring point on your gun, usually on the front of the barrel and rear of the stock; or, optionally, closer to the center like the single point sling mount. This sling also includes two optional attachment straps with hook and loop fasteners. These straps will allow you to wrap the sling around the barrel or stock as needed if the sling clips are not built into the gun. The two-point sling allows for a comfortable carry on the back or front of the body. When adjusted properly, the sling straps act as a brace for accurate aiming.

3-Point Slings

The three-point tactical sling, this one from Tippmann, this wraps around the body in a full loop, then attaches to the gun in two places. This is sort of a hybrid setup allowing the easy carry of a two-point sling, this can be used as a two-point sling, and a tactical front carry. The extra loop around the body will keep the gun closer to the body for secure carry.

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