Safe and proper operation of a remote tank setup.

Q: How do I hook up my new remote set?

A: Screw the Universal Fill Adapter side of your remote on to your tank.  Screw your gun to hose adapter in to your gun.  Connect the remote line to the gun to hose adapter.  Cock or prepare your gun as you normally would befor gassing up.  Screw in the knob on your UFA as decribed in the next Q/A.

Q: I hooked up my new remote to my paintball gun and I get a few good shots but then my gun sounds and acts like it's out of air.  Is my remote kit defective?

A: The gun is out of air.  Your remote is not defective.  Read on.  A universal fill adapter has a knob that you screw up and down to turn your tank off and on.  When you screw the knob in (down),it depresses the pin on the tank valve which opens the valve allowing air to flow.  A common mistake when using a remote is screwing this knob down too far.  At the bottom of the knob is a pin which pushes against the pin on the tank.  On some remotes if you screw in the knob and pin from the fill adapter too far, it will open the valve on the tank, and then reclose it by blocking off the air flow with the pin from the fill adapter.  In essence the pin on the tank gets replaced by the pin on the fill adapter.  For proper operation you should be able to very easily spin the knob on the UFA in with a light finger touch.  You'll feel it hit the pin on the tank at which point it will get a bit harder to screw in.  STOP. At this point when you start turning again, you'll hear the air start flowing out of your tank.  You only need to make a 1/2 turn of the knob after you start hearing the air flow.  You do NOT need to screw the knob in until it stops.  This will open the tank wide open giving you plenty of air flow to power the gun.

Q: How do I disconnect my paintball remote line?

A: The most important concept here is bleeding your line.  When you disconnect your remote line from your paintball gun you don't want the connection to be under pressure.  If you disconnect under pressure you can injure yourself or others when the hose whips around.  It's also easy to shoot out your quick disconnect oring (see below).  Bleeding your line pressure off before disconnecting can be done several ways depending on the type of paintall remote that you have. 

  • If you have a basic Quick Disconnect Remote: Turn off your tank with the Universal Fill Adapter.  Shoot several shots from your tank to clear the line pressure.  Disconnect.
  • If you have a Slide Check Remote: Pull the slide check sleeve back.  This degasses the gun and hose to gun connection.  You can then disconnect leaving your line pressurized.  This is perfect for quickly setting your gun down between games.  At the end of the day you can degas your line just like the Quick Disconnect Remote above. 
  • If you have a Pro Connect Remote: Just disconnect using the push button.  This degasses the gun and hose to gun connection and disconects you at the same time. At the end of the day you can degas your line just like the Quick Disconnect Rmote above. 

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