Shooting / Air System / Leak Problem Troubleshooting [X7 Phenom]

To troubleshoot an X7 Phenom air leak, first determine the location of the leak.
If the leak is from the Tank / Tank Adapter ASA:
  • This leak comes from a cut or nicked 18-PA Tank Valve Oring. These Orings screw in and out over threads every time you install and remove your air tank.  It is the most common cause of a leak, and the Oring replaced most often.  Be sure to always have extra.
If the leak is from the Lower Receiver Grip Assembly / Tank Adapter ASA:
If the leak is from the  Lower Receiver Grip Assembly / Upper Receiver Assembly:
If the leak is from the Breech / Front Bolt:
If the leak is from the TA10038 End Cap / TA30022 Regulator Velocity Adjuster:
  • Check your Chronograph Speed / Pressure, and input pressure and adjust as needed.   To adjust the marker’s velocity, use a ⅛ inch Allen wrench in the holes of the velocity adjuster. The velocity adjuster is located on the right side of the Upper Receiver.  The Piston Assembly has a built in Pressure Relief Valve.  This assembly is factory preset, and should not be adjusted or disassembled.  It will vent in the case of over pressurization to prevent damage and failure of other components. 
  • Check / Replace the TA30052 Regulator Piston Oring
  • Check / Replace the TA20075 Regulator Pin Seat
  • Check / Replace the TA30028 Regulator Pin
  • Check / Replace the TA30104 Regulator Piston Assembly.  This assembly is factory preset, and should not be adjusted or disassembled.  

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