Video Transcript: Tippmann X7 Phenom Flatline Barrel Installation

Introduction and Tools Needed

What's up everybody and welcome to My name is Stitch and, on this video, I'm going to show you how to install the Tippmann Flatline Barrel on your Tippmann X7 Phenom. Okay. So, the tools that we're going to need are going to be a 3/16 Allen key, and a 1/8 Allen wrench or Allen key, same thing, phalanges, okay?

Prep The Marker

So, let's put the Flatline Barrel to the side and focus on the marker itself. So, the first thing you want to do to make it easy, take off your hopper. So, you're going to turn it -- what is that? Clockwise? Yep, clockwise, wiggle it up and down, and remove it, set it to the side. Okay. We're going to flip the marker around, press this button right here to remove the magazine. We're going to set that to the side as well. Next, what we're going to do is we're going to remove this forward sight first. So, the 1/8 Allen wrench counterclockwise is going to get that done. On mine, I put my finger behind the bolt because, when I take out -- I put my finger behind the nut because, when I take out the bolt, it wants to drop down. So, just slide it forward. I still have my finger on there. Alright. Okay. So, now, we're going to remove the two pins holding the stock shroud on. So, all you have to do is push them down. If you need something to help you push them down, you can use an Allen key or something to give you more leverage. Alright? So now, depending on your marker, one of the two are going to be tighter than the other. So, on my Phenom, it's the top one's lighter, easier to pull out, and then the bottom one is more difficult. So, what I do is I pull out the easier one first and then I take it, flip it upside down, and get underneath as you could see like that. I get underneath the one that gives me the problems and pull it up. Let me set that back down there so I could show you like this. So, set it underneath and just pull it up like that. That gives you more room to grab it and pull it out. Alright? Put that in your parts bin. I forgot. You're going to need a parts bin. So, now, what we're going to do is we're just going to pull that forward and it'll come off. Set that to the side. We're going to loosen up a couple of bolts here. You don't got to take them completely out. If you're more comfortable removing them completely and putting them in your parts bin, that's completely up to you. Alright? I'm actually going to do that on this video so, that way, I can show you guys. So, counterclockwise, I'm going to remove these three -- one, two, three -- first with the 1/8 Allen wrench. Put them in my parts bins. Counterclockwise, counterclockwise. I know the awkward silence when people are taking off bolts. Now, you got to loosen up or remove the cyclone feed bolt, which is right here. 3/16 is going to get that done. My honest opinion, just loosen it up because then you're going to have this cyclone feed hanging all over the place and it's going to put tension on your hose, so you don't really want that. So, why bother taking it all the way out? So, 3/16, counterclockwise, get the tension off of it, and then just turn it about a half a turn or a full turn. You want to turn it enough where you could pull on it and it's loose, but it won't come out. So, that's good to go. So, now, we're going to turn the marker over and I'm going to grab inside here and just try to stretch it out to pull it apart to separate itself a little bit. It's not going to really look like you're doing anything, but you actually are. Okay? So, now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to grab the barrel and the fitting itself and turn counterclockwise. If you do this slow, you'll feel it stop by itself, which it just did right now. You feel it stop by itself and then put your fingers and your thumb here, grab the barrel and just wiggle and push, wiggle and pull out like that. Alright? And this should come right fairly easy.

Install Sight on Flatline Shroud

Real quick, grab your Flatline Barrel and install this. So, you're just going to slide it onto the tactical reel on the top. This would be the top end, okay? Now, you could put it anywhere you want on the top end. The first -- if you put it all the way to the front, the first notch is going to give you a little bit of trouble getting the bolt down. So, I slide it back to the second and it goes right in with no problem. It's just a little bit more snug. It's not nothing serious. So, you're going to tighten that back down with a clockwise motion. Alright. So, you're good to go with that so you don't forget it later. Let's move on.

Install the Flatline Barrel On To The Gun

Grab your Flatline Barrel, remove it from the shroud. So, now, this top piece, you're going to want it to line up on the top over here. So, to get that done, we're going to turn it down towards the table and you're going to install it like that. So, let me hold that. So, basically, this is how we're doing it. Alright? And, then, you just push it all the way back. And, now, what you're going to want to do is get your hand and your finger underneath the block of aluminum right here to grab it to pull it back up, clockwise, okay? Now, real quick, you want everything to line up, the line inside the marker, to the bolt, to the scratch. So, you want to get everything to line up and then the Tippmann hieroglyphics under there should be lined up with the scratch that it looks like, but that's actually more just Tippmann hieroglyphics. Alright? So, everything has to be lined in one straight line so it looks good. Do it to your eye.


So, let's tighten down the cyclone feed bolt first. 3/16 is going to get that done. Fairly easy. I shouldn't have did that one first, but let's move on. Make sure all the bolts are the same length. Put your bolts in place, two in the front there, and then the third one over here. 1/8 clockwise is going to get them tight for you. I like to go back and forth so that it basically clams back together evenly -- clamps back together even. And it just has to be snug that the bolts don't come out. You don't have to go cranking it down or anything. Make sure they're all good. That's about as much as I tighten them. And, then, I'm going to go back to the cyclone feed bolt and make sure that that one's good to go. Alright? How to know if you tightened your cyclone feed bolt down too much -- I just seen it right now. If you tighten it down too much, this piece will pop up. Okay? So, you want to make sure that that's flat right there. Okay?

Install the Shroud and Complete

So, now, install the shroud. Grab your two pins. One is going to be bigger than the other. Alright? So, the smaller pin will go on the top, the larger pin will go on the bottom. And grab your magazine and place it back into the marker. Flip it over. Grab your hopper. Now, there's a little groove here that's going to line up with your cyclone feed, so you want to put it in at an angle so it lines up with that. Smack it down, and then rotate it counterclockwise until it stops or it looks straight on its own. Alright? And that's the full installation of the Flatline Barrel on the X7 Phenom.

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