DYE I5 Paintball Goggle

DYE Paintball SKU: R12802

DYE I5 Paintball Goggle

DYE Paintball SKU: R12802
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The Invision line of goggles has been a trusted name in paintball for years. It has been Dye's
premium goggle system, and has continuously been one of the best in terms of comfort and style.
The i5 continues on the Invision's prideful name by bringing in new technological features such as
the GSR Strap, built in camera mount, and the eVoke system. Along with the tech features, the i5
also features a facemask that is 20% larger than the i4's. 

Before we get to the new features lets first appreciate some of the great features that Dye
brought back from previous versions of the Invision series and included in the new i5. These
include the scream venting that makes it easy to be heard on the field when you are calling out
the positions of the opposition, the ultralite design of the goggles, the anatomically designed
fit of the goggles that are designed to distribute the force of the goggles evenly across your
face, the same great 290 degree Horizon lenses previously used in the i4, and the rapid lens
change system that allows you to swap out lenses in a matter of seconds.

Comfort has always been a key feature of the Invision line, and the i5 has made improvements in
that field. The i5 features new high grade open cell multi-layer foam, and while that is a
mouthful you can rest assured that means its super comfortable. Best of all if the foam ever does
need to be replaced, the i5 features tool less foam removal, making it simple and fast to replace.

As for the new the 20% larger facemask is a huge selling point, many players felt like the i4's
was too small and left parts of the neck and even chin hanging out. The new facemask ensures
players will be protected, while not giving up the ultralite weight Dye users are accustomed to. 

The next feature is a real game changer: the GSR strap. Finally in paintball we have a strap that
exceeds all safety concerns by providing a no slip system, the GSR strap will keep the goggles
pinned (comfortably of course) to your face during even the most intense situations. Rather than a
stretchy strap that can be adjusted by pulling it tight, the GSR features a dial that controls how
tight the goggles grip to the rear of your head.

Many players today use some sort of camera to record their gameplay, well Dye picked up on this
trend and is making it effortless for their users to do so. The i5 features a never seen before
direct camera mount built into the side of the goggles, and provides a great point of view for
your videos.

Finally the eVoke system. This is as of now (September 2016) only compatible with Dye's M2 with
MOSAir markers, however it is still a revolutionary system we hope becomes more widely available.
The eVoke system is essentially a virtual assistant. Similar to the one on your smart phone, the
eVoke will give you audible alerts about your marker and the game in general. It has the ability
to give you game timer alerts, shot count, g-counts, and will even let you know when your marker
needs a fresh battery or other maintenance performed on it.

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