TechT Paintball Products Hair Pin Trigger Kit

TechT Paintball Products Hair Pin Trigger Kit

TechT Paintball Products Hair Pin Trigger Kit

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The Hair Pin Trigger Kit replaces the pins in the trigger mechanism to reduce the amount of contact there is between the sear and hammer, and reduce the amount of movement that the trigger has. Together these attributes allow for higher rates of fire and a more sensative trigger.

Replace the "Trigger Stop Pin" with either the # 0 or or # 1, and the "Bottom Sear Stop Pin" with either the # 2, # 3 or # 4 pin.  If you go too large with the "Trigger Stop Pin" the trigger will either not actuate the hammer or not rest the trigger with each shot.  If you go too large on the "Bottom Sear Stop Pin" the gun will go into out of control "full auto" mode.

Fits A5, 98, an, Mechanical, Response Trigger, Egrip, or HE Grip X7.

With so many upgrades for Tippmann markers it's important that you aren't wasting your time and are getting superior
value and performance for your hard earned money. TechT products have long been considered top shelf upgrades,
which is why this review will pinpoint the effectiveness of the Hair Pin Trigger kit and help inform you on your purchasing

What needs to be noted is the difference in performance when upgrading a mechanical trigger system compared
to an electronic trigger system.
Mechanical: With your mechanical Tippmann marker there will be a noticable difference in
the trigger pull and crispness compared to the stock pins. The Hairpin Kit's wider pin above the trigger return slide adjusts the trigger travel
while the pin contacting the sear adjusts trigger slop and the sensitivity of the sear on the hammer.
Although every marker has its own quirks, most mechanical tippmans will generally not use the largest of the two pins
because they are more likely to cause the "Accidental Full-Auto" effect, meaning your marker will be more comfortable
using the 1 and 2 sized pins.

Electronic: When the Hair Pin Kit is used with an electronic grip frame the results are easier to see and feel. The pins act in almost the same
way as in a mechanical marker with more marked results. The pin above the trigger return slide acts in the same way but the effect is amplified by the E-Grip's
micro switch which already gives it an incredibly short trigger pull. In the same way the effects of the pin contacting the sear are
also amplified by giving the user shorter dwell settings and longer battery life. As stated before, the bonus of adding a high quality
aftermarket trigger also gives you better results. For example, the all aluminum construction of the TechT Fang trigger has higer tolerances
and won't bend or warp slightly like the stock plastic trigger will. That added sensitivity will maximize your fingers capabilities to put
paint downrange lightning fast and consistently.

To summarize, because of the nature of how the TechT pins interact with the trigger return slide and in turn the hammer and sear,
the results of a crisp pull and quicker firing will be noticeable in a mechanical Tippmann marker. However, those and other results will be even sharper when
used in combination with an E-Grip or an aftermarket metal trigger such as the TechT Fang or other quality brands. Tuning and tinkering
will be necessary for your individual marker in order to get your desired results.

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