Response Trigger Troubleshooting [98, A5, X7, Alpha Black Elite, Project Salvo]

To Tune the RT System

  1. Follow the air cylinder installation and velocity screw adjustment instructions in the Getting Started section of the Marker Owner’s Manual.
  2. Use a small flat screwdriver to turn the Flow Control Adjuster.  Clockwise to slow the rate of fire.  Counterclockwise to increase the rate of fire.

To reset the Flow Control

  1. Proper unload the marker.
  2. Begin by turning the Adjuster completely clockwise.  Do NOT over tighten - Damage could occur.
  3. In a safe direction fire the marker 2 to 4 shots.  (Paintballs are not required.)
  4. The trigger should become hard to pull.  This indicates the system is working properly.
  5. Slowly turn the Adjuster counterclockwise until you achieve your preferred rate of fire.



There maybe an air leak in the RT system, if you can not adjust the resistance pressure of the trigger.  This is tough to troubleshoot since the system is only pressurized when the gun is firing. 

  1. Check the fittings (internal and external) are tightly installed, have all their orings installed correctly, and that fittings and the orings are not damaged. 
  2. Change any old or worn hoses.  They can deteriorate and expand or leak at the fitting connections. 
  3. The orings and U cup seal in the Flow Control can also be worn and leaking. The U cup seal is not available separately. You must by the complete Flow Control Assembly to replace. 
  4. Make sure the Response Trigger Cylinder Assembly is clean.  Only disassemble to clean and lubricate if you suspect a problem.  The U cup seal inside can be easily damaged when removing or installing the piston. If you cover the fitting and press squarely on the piston, you should have pressure resistance. The seal is a U cup seal, and will collapse if it is pressurized slowly or unevenly.


The Upgrade Kit to 1/8 Inch Response Trigger Hose and Cyclone Hose is not much more expensive than just the Flow Control, and includes the new, higher fittings, external orings and hoses:


Replacement Parts for the A5 Response Trigger System

Replacement Parts for the X7 Response Trigger System

Replacement Parts for the 98 Response Trigger System 

Also, if your valve isn't releasing the correct pressure, you won't have enough to power the accessories.  Make sure you have good orings in the gun and that your Drive Spring or Guide Pin are not worn or bent.  Check the Powertube and Powertube connections for cracks or damage.

A5 and X7 Deluxe Oring Kit

98 Deluxe Oring Kit

Project Salvo Deluxe Oring Kit


Complete Response Trigger Upgrade Kits:

A5 Response Trigger Kit

X7 Response Trigger Kit

98 Response Trigger Kit

Project Salvo Response Trigger Kit

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